Choparsky Garlic Seed Stock-RARE

Choparsky Garlic Seed Stock-RARE

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Choparsky Garlic is a VERY RARE hardneck Garlic of the Purple Stripe variety. This is our second year growing it so seed sizes are approximate. Seed Stock size bulbs come in medium (1.5-1.75"), large (1.75-2"), or jumbo (2-2 1/4"). Mild, creamy flavor when baked. Good raw flavor with heat that eases into a strong finish. 

  • It is very hardy and grows large fat cloves.
  • In our clay soil, Choparsky produces 6-8 medium/large cloves per bulb.
  • Choparskuy is a flavorful garlic in any dish with a hot raw flavor, milder when baked.
  • Cultivar originates from Siberia.