Rose de Lautrec Garlic Seed Stock-RARE

Rose de Lautrec Garlic Seed Stock-RARE

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Rose de Lautrec Garlic is a VERY RARE hardneck Garlic of the Creole variety. This is our second year growing it so seed sizes are approximate. Seed Stock size bulbs come in medium (1.5-1.75") or large (1.75-2") Very unique flavor. Modest pungency, warm full-flavored garlic but not hot. Beautiful pink cloves.

  • It is hardy and grows medium cloves and bulbs.
  • In our clay soil, Rose de Lautrec produces taller cloves and more cloves per bulb than other soil types. 6-10 medium cloves per bulb.
  • Rose de Lautrec is a unique flavor, highly sought after.
  • Cultivar originates from Lautrec, France.